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Welcome to our online store. Here you can find anything telephone service related: direct dial long distance, calling cards, toll free numbers, internet phone plans, T1 business solutions, and more.

1+ long distance

We provide traditional 1+ direct dial long distance service for home and business use starting at 2.5 cents/min. No term contracts are involved.
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Business T1, T3 and more dedicated services

What is T1? It is a service mostly used by business customers who want to integrate their voice and data communications and lower their bills at the same time.
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Callback service

Using a callback calling solution you can place calls from abroad back to the US or to any country at US rates. This is a very innovative solution to avoid high international charges.
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Calling cards

Calling rates from less than 1 cent per minute, no extra fees and 24/7 online recharges.
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Cell phone plans

Online cell phone deals that can't be found in regular wireles stores. Post paid and prepaid cellular plans featuring free phones and many discounts.
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Conference calling

Conference calling solutions for both home and business use.
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Dial around services

Using a dial around long distance plan you can bypass your long distance carrier and enjoy low domestic and international rates.
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Internet phone service

Make unlimited long distance and local calls using an Internet phone service (VoIP. Plans from the most popular providers: Packet8, Sunrocket, etc.
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Local phone service

Business and home phone service featuring unlimited local and/or long distance calling for a flat monthly fee. Among our providers: Trinsic/ZTel, Cavalier Telephone/Talk America, Power Net Global, and more.
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Toll free numbers

Feature rich stand alone forwardable toll free service with rates starting at 3.9 cents/min.
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