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Dial around long distance facts

What is a dial around service?

A dial around service is a very convenient calling solution that does not require switching phone lines. In most cases you can start using the service right after signing up.

How does it work?

In oder to make calls using a dial around plan you will need to dial a toll free access number first and then enter the phone number you wish to call.

What types of calls can you make?

Most dial around plans work for all domestic as well as international calls.

Are the rates expensive with this type of service?

Not at all. Rates are quite low - 4.9 - 5.9 cents/min long distance, and deeply discounted international rates. Most plans do not charge any monthly fees or other surcharges. Visit our Dial Around Providers page for a selection of quality plans.

Can I use this service from any phone?

Yes, some dial around services also work like a calling card - you can make calls from any phone including payphones. However, when using the service as a calling card you'll need to enter a PIN number before dialing the telephone number you wish to call. AccuDial is an example of dial around service that works like a calling card.

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