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Toll free numbers

Every growing business needs a toll free number for customer support. The services we provide include a large number of additional features such as forwadable service, Voicemail, 24/7 support and more.


4.5 cents/min flat rate within the US (6.5 cents/min in Canada). $2 monthly fee per toll free number. 6 second billing/30 seconds minimum per call. Online call details. Additional services: Voicemail, Virtual PBX, Vanity numbers, Call Hunt. We highly recommend this service.
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International toll free numbers

With this service you can have a US toll free number ringing to any country or a local toll free number in over 70 countries.
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Power Net Global

Power Net Global is a complete 1+ long distance provider that offers stand alone toll free billed at 3.9 cents/min for interstate calls. 6 second billing, 18 second minimum. All fiber optic network from Quest for crystal clear lines. $3.99 monthly fee.
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Kall 8

Kall8 is a stand alone programmable toll free service you can redirect instantly to ring to your office, home, fax machine or cell phone and back as you change locations. Select an easily remembered Vanity Number for your business and watch your sales increase. International toll free numbers available. Kall 8's enhanced feature list makes it one of the leaders of the US Toll Free market. Service is also available in Canada
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